xRegister and xConfirmRegister snippets

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xRegister and xConfirmRegister add an interactive dimension for front-end user registration.


xRegister and xConfirmRegister snippet place "Register / sign-up" and "My account" buttons or links.

Event trigger class

The class triggering the modal window display is .cmd-xmodalreg (cf. xarRegisterTpl chunk).

Basic use


All options are read in cascade:

  1. Default
  2. Snippet properties (override default)
  3. Snippet options (override properties)

Then, in a multi-context use, you should use snippet options.

Snippet options

Option Values Default / Notes
header 0|1 Show modal window header. Default: No (false).
uaId A resource ID Resource ID to User Account/Profile page.
logo Image path Add logo to the Login modal window (path). Default: /assets/components/xajaxlogin/images/modx-stacked-color.png
showstatus 0|1 Show additional infos and status. Default: Yes (true)
width number Modal window width. Default: 350
height number Modal window height. Default: 500.
xarTplNotif string Chunk template for registration email. Default: xarNotifActTpl (+ _cultureKey). Default chunks for this setting are xarNotifActTpl_en and xarNotifActTpl_fr.
xarTpl chunk Chunk template for the "Register/Sign-up an user account buttons or links. Default: xarRegisterTpl.
xarTplPanel chunk Chunk template for the modal panel content. Default: xarRegisterTplPanel.
cypher 0|1 Encrypt posted data (username and password). Default: Yes (true).
incJquery 0|1 Include jQuery. Set to 1 if your template/website doesn't embed jQuery. Default: No (false).
incJspanel 0|1 Include jsPanel. Set to 1 if your template/website doesn't embed jsPanel by default. Default: Yes (true).
snd Path Sound notification. Examples: /assets/components/xfrontuser/snd/sample1.mp3,


xConfirmRegister snippet acts as a ConfirmRegister proxy to transmit IDs of user account area page and first login information.

In the demo resources installed by xFrontUser, xConfirmRegister is called in xFrontUser Activation page.

During the registration process, the xFrontUser Activation page redirects automatically to the user area (xFtrontUser User Area page).