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Handles modal form when a user has forgotten their password and needs to retrieve it


xRecover snippet place the "Forgot password" button to show the password recovery form in a modal window.


The snippet also manage the recovery process. The content of the modal window and the templates used to send emails with the new password can be customized (chunk templating).

Snippet options

All options are read in cascade:

  1. Default
  2. Snippet properties (override default)
  3. Snippet options (override properties)

Then, in a multi-context use, you should use snippet options.

Option Values Default / Notes
header 0|1 Show modal window header. Default: No (false).
resetId A resource ID Page ID of the resrource with the ResetPassword snippet (resource xFrontUser ResetPassword in examples).
logo Image path Add logo to the Login modal window (path). Default: /assets/components/xajaxlogin/images/modx-stacked-color.png
width number Modal window width. Default: 350
height number Modal window height. Default: 500.
xrecTplNotif string Chunk template for the email sent with the new password. Default: xrecPwNewActivateTpl (+ _cultureKey). Default chunks for this setting are xrecPwNewActivateTpl_en and xrecPwNewActivateTpl_fr.
xrecTpl chunk Chunk template for "Forgot password?" button or link. Default: xrecTpl.
xrecTplPanel chunk Chunk template for the modal panel content. Default: xrecTplPanel.
incJquery 0|1 Include jQuery. Set to 1 if your template/website doesn't embed jQuery. Default: No (false).
incJspanel 0|1 Include jsPanel. Set to 1 if your template/website doesn't embed jsPanel by default. Default: Yes (true).
snd Path Sound notification. Examples: /assets/components/xfrontuser/snd/sample1.mp3,