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Need a country-based filtering for legal restrictions or to improve security?

xCountryBlacklist is a MODX extension to redirect users connections coming from specific countries.

This extra check user countries using the iplocate.io to geolocate countries from IPs.


Download and install xCountryBlacklist

Dependency: ipCountryRedirect extra (required, will be automatically installed if not installed).

Snippet properties

Add the folllowing property settings with the default countries of your choice and redirection ID:

Snippet options

Option Values Default / Notes
iso example: dz,af,us ISO alpha-2 country code list
redir example: 1 Redirection resource ID

You can search for ISO alpha-2 country codes here.



With this example default property settings are used.


With these options connections coming from Algeria, Afghanistan, Morocco, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia will be redirected to resource ID 198.

How to test it?

To check redirection for the specified countries, you can use a country-based proxy browser extension or use a proxy location corresponding to one of the specified countries.