xRS MODX extra

The premium version of xRS extra for MODX

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xRS, with extra features!

xRS Plus in currently in development.

This MODX extra extends the possibilities of xRS.The development plan will include the following features :

  • Slideshow
  • Filmstrip presentation
  • List presentation
  • Dynamic 'viewers' to swicth different display modes
  • SEO to display IPTC and photo collection metadata as HTML meta information.

Please feel free to share your ideas and suggestions if you have any!

Content protection


Image text metadata (e.g. captions) cannot be selected for copy.

Image protection

Image drag & drop is disabled.


Viewer option act as a shortcut to use set of image templates to allow different way to display photosets or search result images.


Photos are displayed horizontaly with mouse & keyboard navigation.

Filmstrip example


Photos are displayed vertically.

Blog example Blog example with code


Photos are displayed as grid as thumbnails.


Photos are displayed as grid and with resampled square thumbnails.