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xRS collection_list & pdoPages

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Get collection list with pdoPage

Action collection_list return collection list (photo sets).

Filtering by category (RS featured theme) is possible, in this example RS themes define types of photosets such as Feature, Project and Series. Each of theses categories need to be defined during upload or by editing collection attributes (for example here: http://yourresourcesoace.net/pages/collection_manage.php).

Known limitations

List all RS collections, 5 per page.

Please note the pdoPage xRS method doesn't support multiple calls on the same resource (xRS beta version).


<div id="pdopage" style="min-height:500px;">
    <span class="badge badge-secondary float-right">Total: [[+xrs.total]]</span>
    <div class="rows row">
    <div class="d-flex justify-content-between">


Total: 146

Feature | Beaujolais Nouveau in Japan

Feature | Beetle mania in Japan

Feature | Bento lunch boxes

Feature | Beppu

Feature | Bicycles in Japan