xRS MODX extra

A MODX extension to work with ResourceSpace digital content management system.

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The MODX x ResourceSpace (RS) system will allow to do exactly what you want with EXIF and IPTC metadata with the design you want.

This couple of apps is intended to satisfy photo libraries, photo agencies, photographers with a significant amount of digital images, databases or to boost an existing ResourceSpace website to get more design possibilities and versatility.

Please consider this is not an "instant setup", if you just want to create a few image galeries in MODX, there are better choices.

xRS is not a replacement or alternative to RS backend administration, asset management will still on RS side, for the moment.

The xRS snippet will allow to display single RS images, list and display photosets (RS collections), search for images by keywords and switch between different display modes (thumbnails, large thumbnails, lists, filmstrip)*.

In order to use xRS you have to:

1) prepare ResourceSpace to communicate with MODX,
2) install xRS extra,
3) add some configuration settings to MODX
4) run tests.

(*) with xRS Plus version

Actions & exemples

xRS Plus

xRS Collection List

xRS Collections Single

xRS installation

xRS Search

xRS path

xRS Single

Websites examples

The Denki Project



Piikx.com was a platform dedicated to photographers including a global search engine working with ResourceSpace 7.* and automatic generation of photographer's websites.